70×80 house plan, house plan design, house plan, home plan, home design, home, plan, elevation,

House Plan Details
Plot Size 70’X80′ Feet (5600Sft) 22.5 Marla 622 Square Yard
Single Unit House Plan————————-Yes
Duple Unit House Plan————————–NO
Design Category——————————–MOREN
Corner House Design—————————YES
Non Corner House Design———————-NO
Roof Type—————————————Flat

70x80 house plan, house plan design, house plan, home plan, home design, home, plan, elevation,
70×80 house plan, house plan design, house plan, home plan, home design, home, plan, elevation,

Ground Floor Plan Details
Covered area———————————-3366 sft (13.46marla)
Bed Room————————————–1 BED ROOM
Bath And Dress ——————————-1 Bath
T.V Lounge————————————-Yes
Drawing Room———————————Yes
Pwd. Room————————————-Yes
Dining Area————————————Yes
Main Kitchen Open—————————YES
Main Kitchen Close—————————NO
W. Kitchen—————————————YES
Store / Utility———————————–YES
Landry Area————————————–Yes
Stair Hall——————————————YES
Stair Lobby—————————————-Yes
Open Stir In Side——————————–YES
Open Stair Out Side—————————-No
Open To Sky Area——————————-NO
Car Porch————————————-2 Cars large
Rear Lawn————————————yes
Front Lawn———————————–Yes
Front Deck————————————yes
Side Passage———————————-Yes
Side patio————————————–yes

70x80 house plan, house plan design, house plan, home plan, home design, home, plan, elevation,
70×80 house plan, house plan design, house plan, home plan, home design, home, plan, elevation,

First Floor Plan Details
Covered area———————————-3202
Bed Rooms———————————– 4 Bed Room
Bath———————————————4 Bath
T.V Lounge———————————–Yes
Study Room———————————-No
Front Terrace——————————-Yes
Side Terrace———————————NO
Back Terrace———————————yes
Stair Hall————————————yes
Drawing Room—————————-NO
Powder room——————————NO
Dining Area———————————NO
Laundry Area——————————no
Mumty Floor Plan Details yes
Bed Room————————————Yes
Providing Drawings Details
Architecture Drawings
Purposed House Plan All Floor
Purposed House Elevation If Non Corner Only Front Design And If Corner Plot Elevation Design Both Size Corner And Front Side View Picture Format
Furniture Layout Plan All Floor
Dimension Working Plan All Floor
Door Window Details.
Front And Side Elevation Working Drawings.
Boundary Wall Design In 3d View Picture Format
Boundary Wall Working Drawing
Building Section Details.
Structural Drawings
Layout Plan
Foundation Details
Slab Reinforcement Details All Plan
Column And Beam Details
Stair Details
All Water Tanks Details
Electrical Drawings
All Electrical Details Floor By Floor
Like Wall Point. Roof Point, Ac. Light. Switch. Fan
Kitchen And Bath Electrical Point.
Data Point ,Net, Cable, Phone, Usb. Camera
Plumbing Drawings
Floor By Floor Plumbing Drawings Details
Like Bath Kitchen Settings, And Water Tanks.
Roof Drain, Bath Kitchen Slope.
Main Whole Sewerage Tank Details
Price As Par Plot Area Effective
Contact Details
00923314048461 Direct Whastpp Me
Thanks Of You
Glory Architecture.

I can provide you with a general layout for a 70 by 80 feet house, but please keep in mind that the actual design may vary based on personal preferences and local building codes.

Here is a general layout that could work for a 70 by 80 feet house:

Ground floor:

  • Entryway/Foyer: This area can be used to greet guests and provide a transition space between the outside and inside of the house.
  • Living Room: This is typically the main gathering space in a home, and is often located near the entryway.
  • Dining Room: This space is used for formal dining and can be located near the kitchen.
  • Kitchen: This is the area where food is prepared and cooked, and is often located near the dining room for easy serving.
  • Bedroom(s): Depending on the number of bedrooms desired, one or more bedrooms can be located on the ground floor.
  • Bathroom(s): A bathroom can be located near the bedroom(s) for convenience.

Second floor (if desired):

  • Bedroom(s): Additional bedrooms can be located on the second floor.
  • Bathroom(s): Additional bathroom(s) can be located near the bedrooms for convenience.
  • Bonus Room: This can be a flexible space that can be used as a home office, playroom, or additional living space.

Note: This is just a general layout and can be modified to suit your specific needs and preferences. You may also need to consider factors such as local building codes, zoning regulations, and the slope of the land when planning your house. It is recommended to consult with an architect or builder to ensure that your house plans are feasible and comply with all relevant regulations.


A house plan design is a set of architectural drawings that show the layout and details of a home. The plan typically includes a floor plan, elevations, sections, and details that help the builder understand how to construct the building.

Here are some common elements of a house plan design:

  • Floor Plan: A bird’s eye view of the layout of each floor, including the location of walls, doors, windows, and rooms.
  • Elevations: Drawings that show the front, back, and sides of the building, including details like rooflines, porch designs, and window and door sizes.
  • Roof Plan: A plan view of the roof, including the pitch and direction of the roof and details of any dormers or skylights.
  • Foundation Plan: A plan view of the foundation, including details of the footing, stem walls, and slab or basement.
  • Electrical Plan: A plan that shows the location of electrical outlets, switches, and light fixtures.
  • HVAC Plan: A plan that shows the location of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment and ductwork.
  • Details: Drawings that show specific details of the construction, such as built-in cabinetry, fireplaces, and staircases.

When creating a house plan design, it’s important to consider factors like the size and layout of rooms, the orientation of the house on the lot, and any unique features you’d like to include. You may also need to consider local building codes and zoning regulations, as well as your budget and timeline.

It’s recommended to work with an architect or builder to create a detailed and accurate house plan design. They can help you navigate the design process, ensure that the plans comply with local regulations, and provide you with a realistic estimate of the cost of construction.